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Small and island nations face persistent challenges that include effectively managing the waste created by their increasing resident population in an environmentally sensitive location.


The current position for governments and local authorities is to export waste and endure the considerable cost, whilst importing diesel at high cost, to fuel electricity generators.

EFI technology provides options that can address either or both issues.

EFI technology converts organic waste (including sewage) to high grade diesel satifying all EN 590 specifications. Production quantities can be managed to meet quantities necessary for fuelling government vehicles and equipment, therefore reducing the imported diesel quota or if production is sufficient, eliminate imported diesel completely. In a next step process, excess diesel may be converted to electricity providing an independent energy source.

For small and island nations, EFI solutions are affordable - higher grade diesel at lower cost per litre and without added expenditures associated with transport, together with the ecological benefits which include a clean manufacturing process and high grade diesel which generates less emissions, presents viable outcomes with far reaching economical, ecological and political benefits.