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Landfill is a pressing issue for local authorities, so too is the high cost of fueling vehicles, machinery and equipment. EFI technology provides solutions that bridge economic and ecological priorities by diverting hundreds of tonnes of waste collected daily from landfill to a process that produces high grade diesel.

For Local Councils, the benefits are considerable:

  • Significantly less landfill.
  • Reduced costs, as sourcing, purchasing and managing large parcels of land suitable for solid waste will deminish, reduce odour, vermin and health associated issues.
  • The conversion process is cost effective producing diesel that is significantly less expensive per litre than prices paid at the bowser.
  • Diesel exceeds EN590 diesel standards to produce a higher grade quality diesel for fueling vehicles and equipment that will go further (less fuel consumption), mechanically less wear and tear (reducing servicing costs) and is cleaner (produces fewer carbon emissions).
  • EFI solutions may be tailored to suit specific needs relating to volume of waste and diesel production requirements.

Water Authorities

Increasing populations and rising costs for treating effluent has both economic and ecological considerations. EFI provides opportunity for water authorities to transform processes to eliminate expenditure associated with biosolid removal, offset fuel and energy costs and introduce an option for creating income streams via the production of high grade diesel and electricity.

Without EFI technology local councils, waste collection and water/sewage management authorities will continue to face increasing pressure for sourcing, purchasing and managing suitable landfill sites, mangaging fluctuating fuel prices, while enduring the policital brunt of costs to ratepayers and concerns of environmental groups.