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Coal mining is expensive. Fluctuating fuel prices and transport to mining sites adds intense pressure as mine operators grapple with costs and delivering profits to shareholders.


Imagine if some of the coal being extracted was diverted to fuel production using technology that is so advanced it produces high grade diesel capable of meeting the vast needs of the coal mine’s vehicles and machinery. Diesel that meets EN 590 standards but is produced at significantly lower cost per litre than it can be purchased at the bowser, and without the expense of transport or consequences that come with interrupted supply due to flooding or other factors.

Further, consider the benefits should coal-to-diesel production be managed to produce excess diesel that may be converted to electricity in quantities capable of meeting the mine’s energy requirements.

EFI technology solutions for coal mines extend beyond self-reliance and cost cutting to deliver a significant competive edge in a sector that is fiercely competitive and focussed on profitability.