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For open cut mining operations, the diesel that fuels heavy equipment comes at a significant cost. And not just per litre, but with the added expense of transport to remote locations. EFI technology converts coal to affordable, high grade diesel with benefits that include less fuel consumption, less wear and tear and fewer emissions delivering a desirable outcome and competitive advantage.


Our clients are councils and water authorities both here in Australia and located on surrounding Pacific Islands who need to address two pressing issues: the management of landfill and the high cost of fuelling vehicles and equipment. EFI has an effective and proven solution that converts waste to high grade diesel that produces fewer carbon emissions.


Imagine generating your own high grade diesel from waste or coal to fuel your vehicles and equipment so that they operate at optimum levels at pricing that is significantly less than you'll pay at the bowser. Then imagine managing the conversion process to deliberately create a surplus of diesel that can be converted to electricity for meeting your operational needs.


Eco Fuel Innovations brings innovative technology, 30 years in the development to Australasia. Providing real solutions for government, local councils, statutory authorities for water and sewage, waste collection agencies and coal producers for overcoming issues of ever increasing landfill and the high cost of fuel and electricity necessary for operating plant and equipment.


Our service is tailored according to specific requirements for converting organic matter into high quality diesel. Our production capacity ranges from 150 litres per hour to 5000 litres per hour and may be extended to include diesel to electricity options. Our solutions are outcomes based, tailored and sensitive to political, economic and environmental factors.


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